Poster Sessions

Poster Session 1 

Friday, October 4, 2019


The Effect of Perceived Discrimination on Internalizing and Externalizing Problems in Adolescence with Incremental Theory Orientation as a Moderator

Seohyun Joo, Joey Fung

Examining the Relationships of Race, Household Income, Quality of Life, and Emotion Regulation in Clinical and Healthy Populations

David Choi

Perceived Language Discrimination and Ethnic Identity among Asian International Students

Jimin Park, Alisia Tran

Posttraumatic Growth in Cambodia: A Mixed Methods Study

Julie Badaracco

Clinical Implications of Research on Filipinx Americans Sense of Self and Belonging

Cory Reano, Adeleine Conanan Liang, Jacqueline Jimenez, Jean-Arellia Tolentino

Working with Punjabis: Addressing the Silent Epidemics

Preet Sabharwal

Bilingualism, Acculturation, and Parenting Behaviors in Asian Immigrant Families

Cindy J. Huang, Kailee Kodama, Cindy Huang

Harnessing the benefits of helping others through writing: A Randomized Controlled Trial for Chinese international students

Christina Lee, William Tsai

Feeling Avoided, Ignored, and Rejected "Because of My English": Perceived Language Discrimination and Career Issues among Korean International Students

Yeji Son, Yunkyoung Garrison

Analysis on Acculturation, BMI, Diet Practices, and Activity Levels Among Asian Americans

Donna Demanarig, Todd Esperance

Internalized Model Minority Myth among Asian Americans: Links to Colorblindness and Anti-Black Attitudes

Jacqueline Yi, Nathan R. Todd

Gendered Racial Microaggressions, Feminism, and Asian American Women's Eating Pathology: An Intersectional Investigation

Thomas Le, Victoria Yamasaki, Linda Kuo

Social support and lifetime major depressive episode experience among asian american adolescents

Raymond La, May Yeh, Agero Zerr, Kristen McCabe, Yessica Green-Rosas

Intersections of Identities of Korean American Risky Drinkers: Church-Going, Elder-Respecting, and Successful...Binge Drinkers

Hans Oh, Ann Marie Yamada, Ronna Banada

Perceived Discrimination and Asian Parenting Style: A Parent-Child Dyadic Analysis

Christina Lam, Kevin Lau, Ashley Randall

A Pilot Study: Exploring Clinicians' Insights on Utilizing Feminist Theory to Work with Asian Sexual Minority Clients

Coco Wang, Yuying Tsong

The Moderating Effect of Interracial Dating on the Relationship Between Discrimination and Distress in Asian American College Students

Jasmine Chao, Claire Park, Richard Lee

The Roles of Social Support and Cultural Identity on Disordered Eating and Body Dissatisfaction in Chinese-American women

Diana Hu, Patricia Wood

Examining Korean Masculinity Through Intersectional Fusion Paradigm

Jung Eui Hong

Cultural Values Influence Mental Health Attitudes and Help-seeking among Asian and Hispanic College Students

Elayne Zhou, Yena Kyeong, Julia Slane, Cecilia S.S. Cheung, Kalina J. Michalska

The Effect of Years In The U.S on Mental Health as Moderated by Gender among Korean Immigrants

Peter Viet Dinh, James Amirkhan, Chi-Ah Chun

Hindu Psychologists and the Impact of Hinduism on their Clinical Work

Kinjal Panchal

Asian and Latinx Students' Perceptions of Engagement in Ethnic Studies Courses 

Phuong Nguyen, Jean Abigail Saavedra, Whitney Youngren, Elizah Noh, Patricia Perez, Jennifer Yee, Tu-Uyen Nguyen, Thomas Fujita-Rony, Siobhan Brooks 

Racial Conversations in Asian American/White Interracial Relationships

Christine Wu, Kitone Johnson, Shatien Jordan, Samuel Lee, Richard Lee

Body shame and perceived pressure to be thin in Asian American college students: The role of acculturation and identity conflict

Zhiqing Zhou, Jeffrey Liew

The Effects of Language Brokering Among the Korean Population

James Kim

Colonial Mentality and South Asian Americans Mental Health: How Colonial Mentality Impacts the Mental Health Wellbeing of South Asian Americans 

Asiya Jawed, Katrina Luo, Danielle Godon-Decoteau

Malasakit: Adolescent Pin@ys' Mental Health and the Unexamined Pedagogical Practices and Care Work of Pin@y Educators

Depending on Generational Statuses?

Hillary Peregrina

Giving voice to multiracial Asian adults' stories of feeling "othered" 

Yuki Yamazaki, Margo Jackson

Examining Important Ethnic Variations in the Social Validity of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Disaggregating East Asians and South Asians

Sukhmandeep Kaur, Lauren Berger, Nolan Zane 

The Relationship Between Internalization of the Model Minority Myth and Critical Consciousness among Asian American College Students

Ronae Matriano, Annabelle L. Atkin, Hyung Chol Yoo

Poster Session 2 

Saturday, October 5, 2019


The Potential of Asian American Psychology to Enrich the Academic, Personal, and Civic Development of Asian American College Students

Jean Abigail Saavedra, Lucia Alcalá

Witnessing Inter-parental Emotional Abuse and Neglect: Internalizing and Externalizing Problems in Asian American Adult Offspring

Amelia Yang, Jacqueline Kim, Donna K. Nagata, Yay-hyung Cho, Katherine T. Foster

"I am giving up": A Qualitative Insight into Asian Americans' Help-seeking Experiences and Attitudes Toward Mental Health Services

Chengyun Charlotte Teng, Shiyu Tang, Yifeng Du

Understanding the Barrier: A Mental Health Needs Assessment of the San Bernardino County Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Population

Andie Tran

The Effects of Working on College Students of Colors' Mental Health

Yiwen Zhang, Richard Lee, Adam Kim

Mental Health Literacy Survey of Hmong Refugees and their Families

Kia Yang, Jia Jian Tin, Bao Her, Summer Her, Harvey Zhang, Khushminder Zenda, Kimberly Saelee, Ya-Shu Liang

Asian American Leadership Experiences: A Qualitative Study

Shujianing Li

Racial and Gender Diversity: Experiences of Asian American Non-Binary Individuals

Nic Rider, Jan Estrellado, Catherine Bitney, Amanda Breen

A Qualitative Exploration of Asian and Asian American Sexual Minority Individuals' Experiences in the United States

Yuying Tsong, Coco Wang, Katherine Gorospe, Paula Ong 

Cultural Adaptation of a Tobacco Cessation Intervention for Rohingya Men: Process and Lessons Learned

Jacqueline Davis, Sagar Chaudhari, Marissa Chow, Wendy De Los Reyes, Rebecca McGarity-Palmer, Anne Saw

Asian Women's Action for Resilience and Empowerment (AWARE) Intervention: Feasibility and Efficacy Trial at Three University Health Services Centers

Hyeouk Chris Hahm, Jenny Hsi, Jiaman Xu, Rachel John, Bona Lee, Cordelia Zhong, Venissala Wongchai, Ashruti Patel, Marissa Inouye, Calvin Cheung Zheng, Stephen Chen

Psychological Correlates of Interest in Genetic Testing Among Korean American Adoptees and Their Families

Jieyi Cai

The Role of Culture and Gender in Avoidance Coping In Korean Immigrants Living in U.S

Peter Viet Dinh, James Amirkhan, Chi-Ah Chun

Cross-Language Measurement Equivalence of the Kessler Psychological Distress Scale (K6) in Three Asian American Groups

Min-Kyoung Rhee, Yuri Jang, Daniel A. Powers

Determinants of Self-Rated Cognitive Health in Older Korean Americans

Yuri Jang, Eunyoung Choi, Min-kyoung Rhee

Culturally and Linguistically Competent Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Eases Access to Mental Health Services for Asian American Immigrant Elders

Meng-Ju Yang, Kayoko Yokoyama

A Validation Study of the Korean-Version of the Classism Experiences Questionnaire-Academe (CEQ-A)

Yunkyoung Garrison, Ae-Kyung Jung

Internalized Racialism and its Association with US Meritocracy Among Asian Americans

Chi W. Yeung, Yunkyoung Garrison

Awareness as Armor: Color-blind Racial Attitudes as a Moderator on the Relationship Between Racism-related Stress and Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

Caroline Stotz, Danielle Godon-Decoteau

Generational Differences and Racial Experiences: How Racism-Related Stress affect Asian Americans' Mental Health Outcomes Depending on Generational Statuses

Katrina Luo, Danielle Godon-Decoteau

Associations between Parenting Style and Relationship Quality in Asian Parent-Child Dyads

Kevin Lau, Christina Lam, Ashley Randall

How Does Internalized Oppression Affect the Identity Development of Biracial Black- Asian Americans?

Kalya Castillo, Minsun Lee, Jason Reynolds

Ethnic Identity, Enculturation, and Colonial Mentality among Filipino Americans: An Investigative Report on Preliminary Results

Kamille La Rosa

Acculturative Stress, Sense of Belonging, Social-Self Efficacy, and Self-Esteem for Korean and Korean Americans

Hyunji Lee

'They Knew Where I Was Coming From': Sociohistorical and Identity Factors in Predicting Cambodian American Gang Involvement

Tyler Sar, Lisa Kiang

"Your story matters": Personal Narrative Approach to Intersectional Identity Development of Asian American LGBTQ

David Han

Examining Important Ethnic Variations in the Social Validity of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Disaggregating East Asians and South Asians

Sukhmandeep Kaur, Lauren Berger, Nolan Zane

Intersection of Nonbinary Gender and Filipinx Identity

Tiki Inacay, Sarah Samman

Passionately Teaching and Learning Asian American Psychology: Culture, History and Relationships-in-Community Brought to Life

Matthew Mock

Developing a Mental Health Professional Identity in the "Time of Trump"

Himadhari Sharma

Religion in Asian America: Cultural, Racial, Sexual, and Gendered Identities

Daniel Lee

Asian and Latinx Students' Perceptions of Belonging and Engagement in Ethnic Studies Courses

Abigail Gabriel

The Role of Critical Consciousness on Asian-White Interracial Couples' Perceived Racism and Well-Being 

Chun Tao, Ashley Randall