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Oct 04, 2019
Oct 06, 2019
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We will have the I Am Psyched exhibit:

"A multimedia initiative that explores the history and contemporary contributions of women of color in psychology as they engage in psychological science, practice and social justice."


MAKING WAVES AND BREAKING THROUGH THE BAMBOO CEILING: Reclaiming and Redefining Our Asian and Asian American Identities

This year's theme building upon previous years' themes of research, practice, and advocacy efforts with an increased focus on social justice advocacy and concrete actions to propel Asian, Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) mental health forward. 

Often, culturally or via family norms, AANHPI are sent messages to keep our heads down, to conform, and to uphold the status quo. Dominant societal norms reinforce the bamboo ceiling by, restricting AANHPI achievements, and perpetuating the model minority stereotype that AANHPI individuals are studious, meek, and successful. These stereotypes are then used to keep us "visibly invisible" and minimize our experiences and needs. These dominant messages are also a divide and conquer strategy that encourages us to marginalize our own, thereby keeping the dominant power structures in place, maintaining the status quo, and preventing us from having our voices heard. Therefore, with this theme, we embrace and highlight our duty, joy, and responsibility to present our authentic selves and showcase our work in order to inspire change and promote equity.

"Making waves and breaking through the bamboo ceiling" is a call to spotlight our intersecting identities and values that enrich and strengthen our communities.  We seek to transcend outdated social norms while retaining our true selves and honoring our elders, mentors, ancestors, and allies. We gather to share the wisdom, creativity, and expertise of our own intersectional AANHPI communities from across the globe.

There is not only one definition of what it means to be Asian, Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and/or Pacific Islander. It is time for us as a community to create and define these terms and use advocacy to link with our communities beyond academia and clinical practice settings. Let us focus on ways to see and uplift each other and ourselves as enough. Let's break down the barriers that have muted and divided us, and share strategies and wisdom as we move boldly forward together.

Opening Panel

Nic Rider

Nic Rider, Ph.D. was the first Randi and Fred Ettner Postdoctoral Fellow at the Program in Human Sexuality, with research and clinical work focused on transgender health. Dr. Rider's clinical training has included psychotherapy and assessment experiences in a university counseling center, hospital settings, private practice, community clinic, residential treatment, and juvenile justice settings. Dr. Rider has professional interests in the areas of gender and sexual identity development, intersections of identity, discrimination and microaggressions, sexual trauma/abuse recovery, and social justice advocacy. Dr. Rider is on the executive board for the Asian American Psychological Association's Division on LGBTQQ Issues and participates in committees advocating for sexual and gender minorities. Dr. Rider received a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Howard University in Washington, D.C.

Tess Paras

Tess Paras is an actress, writer, and director based in Los Angeles. She recurs as "Erin Chua" on Just Add Magic (Amazon) and as "Jayma Chan" on Crazy-Ex Girlfriend (CW). She is often recognized for her role as "Dana Tomas" on Grimm (NBC). Previously, Tess was a producer for F-Comedy (Fusion's Digital Comedy Studio) where she wrote and starred in the political viral video "Trumping Makeup Tutorial." She is currently the Associate Director for the CBS Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase. Tess wrote and directed The Patients, a short inspired by events in her own life which premiered at the 2019 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. Representation: Gersh (Talent & Literary) and Haven Entertainment. @tessparas 

Ramani Durvasula

Dr. Ramani Durvasula is Professor of Psychology at California State University, Los Angeles, where she was named Outstanding Professor in 2012. In 2002, Dr. Durvasula was the recipient of the prestigious Emerging Scholar Award from the American Association of University Women.  She has presented numerous conference papers and written wide ranging peer reviewed articles and book chapters on a variety of topics including psychiatric aspects of HIV/AIDS, women's health, and mental illness.  She is the author of the   Should I Stay or Should I Go:  Surviving a Relationship With a Narcissist (Post Hill Press) and You Are WHY You Eat: Change Your Food Attitude, Change Your Life.  For the past 15 years Dr. Durvasula has conducted research on a variety of issues including the neuropsychiatric aspects of HIV, sexual risk behaviors, substance use, psychosocial factors and health, eating disorders, health and ethnicity, and health behaviors including eating, preventative health, and sexuality.

Nabil El-Ghoroury

Nabil El-Ghoroury, PhD, CAE has an expertise with children, particularly children with autism.  Dr. El-Ghoroury has worked for 7 years at a public hospital in Ohio, where he was a clinician and educator for both psychology grad students and pediatric residents.  Dr. El-Ghoroury has 9 years experience at APA as the lead staffer for APAGS, the grad student group at APA.  He is in his second year as Executive Director of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and is the Co founder of the American Arab, Middle Eastern, and North African Psychological Association (AMENA Psy), an organization similar to AAPA focused on Middle Eastern American psychologists and other mental health professionals.  Dr. El-Ghoroury identifies as Egyptian, Nicaraguan, and Chinese and is bilingual in Spanish, speaking in conferences in Latin America.  

Closing Panel

Karen L. Suyemoto

Karen L. Suyemoto, Ph.D. is Professor of Psychology, Asian American Studies and the Critical Ethnic and Community Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Her teaching, research, and consultations focus on understanding the effects of race and racism on mental health and identity; examining experiences and effects of advocacy and resistance against racism; and exploring how intersectional racial justice can be developed through and integrated into education and psychological practice, training, and research. Dr. Suyemoto served as President of AAPA and established the AAPA Early Career Leadership Program.  She has also served as AAPA delegate to the American Psychological Association Council of Representatives, where she collaborated with other Ethnic Minority Psychological Association representatives to establish and lead the Council Diversity Workgroup. In 2012, she was the inaugural recipient of the Joan H. Liem Award for Outstanding Doctoral Mentoring.  In 2013, she was recognized as a White House Champion of Change: Asian American Pacific Islander Women and also received the AAPA's Distinguished Contributions Award.  She is the Chair of the APA Task Force for the recently accepted Guidelines for Race and Ethnicity in Psychology.

Anatasia Kim

Anatasia S. Kim, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor at The Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA. She received her B.A. in Psychology from UC Berkeley and her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from UCLA. She is a National Ronald McNair Scholar and the recipient of a number of awards including APA Minority Fellowship, Okura Mental Health Fellowship, and APAGS Guardian of Psychology Award. In addition to teaching, she has a private practice specializing in treating adolescents with anxiety disorders, depression, and neurocognitive deficits. Dr. Kim is a past President of the Alameda County Psychological Association, member of California Psychological Association's (CPA) Governmental Affairs Steering Committee, Chair of CPA's Immigration Task Force, CPA Diversity Delegate, and participant in APA Division 31 Diversity Leadership Development Program. She has also served on various local boards including Ethnic Health Institute and Berkeley Alliance aimed at addressing health and educational disparities in Alameda County. Dr. Kim's current projects include recruitment and retention of students of color in graduate training; pipeline for advanced degrees in psychology for historically underrepresented students; constructive conversations about culture and diversity; and public policy and legislative advocacy.

Swap Mushiana

Swap Mushiana is a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at the University of San Francisco. He is the student representative on the Executive Committee of AAPA and co-developer of this year's Graduate Student Leadership Institute along with Dr. Jan Estrellado. Swap's interests include working with Oncology & Hematology populations and Implementation Science to improve health disparities.  

Schedule At A Glance


2019 AAPA Convention - Schedule at a Glance
Key: Pink = Difficult Dialogue       Green = Symposium       Blue = Interactive Session      Yellow = Award Panel       Purple = Div Programming              ** = CEUs
Registration and Breakfast (Entry Courtyard): 7:45am - 8:30
Book Drive (Entry Courtyard): 7:45am - 5pm
Welcome remarks and Announcements (Theater): 8:45am - 9am
Opening Panel (Theater): 9:00am- 10:30am
Location Breakout 1 (10:40am - 12:10pm)Lunch (12:10 - 1:20pm)Breakout 2 (1:30pm - 3:00pm)Poster Session: Templo Mayor (2:50pm - 3:50pm)Breakout 3 (3:50pm - 5:20pm)
TheaterFilm Screening: The PatientsDoS Lunch Meeting

Leadership Fellows Program - Presentation
AtzlanStrategies to Increase Mental Health Awareness and to Provide Culturally Responsive Care for Southeast Asian American Youth and their FamiliesDoP Lunch Meeting** Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling: Difficult Dialogues with Supervisors 
Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling: Ways Practitioners Work Collaboratively and Redefine Clinical Practice
MetliziConvergence and paradox for combating racism and sexism for Asian American women: A critical analysis of the historical context, barriers, and goals for AAPA DOW and 35.5 DoSAA Lunch MeetingDoW Programming
** Living our Values: A Critical Conversation about Liberation in the Academy
State Suite** Internalized Racism and Intra-Ethnic Othering among Asian Americans: From Victim-Blaming to Solidarity BuildingDLGBTQQ Lunch Meeting"You (only) Have A Master's Degree?": Revisioning Internal And External Narratives Of Achievement And The Model Minority Myth 
Centering Intersectional AANHPI Voices in Research to Make the Invisible Visible
Legacy SuiteBreaking the silence: Current trends and programs to address AANHPI college student mental health DOAAMH Lunch MeetingPassing Privilege in Asian American Culture: A Discussion on Balancing Privilege and Minority Status 
U.S. Citizenship and Professionalism: Crossing the Invisible Line as Non-Citizen Asian Women 
Park BlvdDLGBTQQ ProgrammingDoW Lunch Meeting** Asian Americans and Suicide: Treatment within a person-centered, culturally competent inpatient milieu 
DOAAMH Programming
TehuancoDecolonizing Leadership Narrative for AANHPI's in PsychologyDoFA Lunch MeetingWhat does shame have to do with it? An AAPI-centric view of intergenerational trauma and shame. 
** Asian and Asian American as Authorities: Overcoming Stereotypes, Invisibility, and Bamboo Ceilings in Academy and Clinical Training
Social (Refreshments Provided): Goldberg Courtyard - 5:20pm - 6pm
Henry Tomes Award and Student Travel Awards


2019 AAPA Convention - Schedule at a Glance
Key: Pink = Difficult Dialogue       Green = Symposium       Blue = Interactive Session      Yellow = Award Panel       Purple = Div Programming      ** = CEUs
Registration and Breakfast (Entry Courtyard): 8:15am - 9:00am
 Book Drive (Entry Courtyard): 8:15am - 5pm
Location Breakout 4 (9:00am - 10:30am)Breakout 5 (10:40am - 12:10pm)Lunch (12:10 - 1:35pm)Mentor/mentee: Pride Suite (1:35p - 2:25p)Breakout 6 (2:35pm - 4:05pm)Poster Session: Templo Mayor  (3:55pm - 4:45pm)

AztlanUndocumented Asian Immigrants: Building a More Inclusive Community Black and Brown Faces in Predominantly White Spaces: Intersectional Experiences of Invisibility, Struggle and Solidarity among South Asian, African American, and Filipino Psychologists Bollywood Dance
Racial and Gender Diversity: Experiences of Asian American Non-Binary Individuals 
Metlizi** Unshackling Our-Selves from Colonial Mentality and Other Forms of Internalized Oppression Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) ** Women & Therapy: Asian American Feminist Scholars' Reflections and Transformations Hula
Preparing for and Pursuing Post-Graduate Positions: Experiences from a Panel of Early Career AANHPI 
Visionary Suite
The Unnamed Practice: Centering Queerness in the Counselling Relationship AAJP

DoP Programming
Legacy SuiteBridging Ancestral and Western Practices as Complementary Healing Modalities for Mental Wellness in the Filipino Community ** Beyond the Ivory Tower: Approaches to Strengthening and Advocating for Asian/American Communities

** Mentalizing and De-mentalizing Black Men in Prison: Filipino Psychotherapist's Racial Oppression, Impasse, and Restoration. 
Park BlvdResearch with an International Sample: Using the DTORF as a tool to assist class work planning in Malaysia DoFA Programming

Making Waves and Breaking Through The Masala Ceiling
TehuancoDoSAA ProgrammingAwards Presentation: 2018 AAPA Student Dissertation Award and 2018 Stephen Rose Award Presentations

Who is Asian American? Identification and Negotiation of Personal Identities 
Closing remarks - Theater (4:55pm - 6:10pm)
Banquet (Encore) 7pm

Sunday, 10/6

10 am - 11:30 am Townhall Meeting

*Note: This schedule is subject to change


7 pm at Encore,

at 8253 Ronson Road, San Diego, CA 92111


The restaurant is about 9 miles away from our Convention location (San Diego State University campus).

A chartered shuttle leaving from SDSU will bring 50 attendees at a time to the banquet location starting at 6:30pm. The shuttle will run for 2 hours.

Otherwise, the banquet location is approximately 20 minutes via drive/Lyft/Uber or 60 minutes via public transportation (trolley line or bus) .

The event will take place on the first floor of the restaurant in the private banquet room. Please let us know if you are requesting special accessibility accommodations so that we may be specific in our request to the banquet.


Banquet menu will include:



Vegetable Lumpia with Thai Chili dipping sauce (vegetarian)

Fresh Sushi Selection

Crispy Stuffed Vegetable Samosas (vegetarian)


Sweet Panang Curry with Chicken

Vegetable Yakisoba in Savory Sauce (vegetarian)

Crispy Fried Orange Chicken

Asian Long Beans with Tomatoes in Sesame Hoisin Sauce (vegan)

Steamed Rice (vegan)

and Select Desserts


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5500 Campanile Dr, San Diego, CA 92182

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5500 Campanile Dr, San Diego, CA 92182

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